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VEry nice hostel, with very nice english-speaking staff. It was a little bit crowded and the matresses was to soft for me. But the location was perfect and the people where nice that lived there. If you are going to Russia, make sure that you get your details right on your VISA!


Avatar for Øyvind Bye

Øyvind Bye,

Sat 30 Aug 2014

No luggage storage - only in the hallways, but our bags were fine. While there were six small lockers in the room, enough for one a person, there were not any available lockers for me. Hostel does not control that each person can use one. Lobby and kitchen are crowded at all times. Shower hot with good pressure.


Avatar for Laura


Sat 30 Aug 2014

I do not recommended


Avatar for Alejandro


Fri 29 Aug 2014

The bathroom was disgusting.


Avatar for Miguel


Sat 09 Aug 2014

This hostel was horrible! The kitchen and bathrooms are very dirty. I got foot fungus while I stayed there. The other guests are loud all night. Not only do they party in the common room, they party in the sleeping rooms as well. The staff is never available to help because they are either partying with the guests or sleeping off a hangover on the couch. Bring your own lock, or they will charge your outrageous sum for theirs.


Avatar for Marla


Wed 16 Jul 2014

The hostel is packed with people who live there and there are only two showers, two toilets and a tiny kitchen. The hostel could not honor our reservation. They gave our –and other people´s- beds to a big group and they didn´t even want to give us back the deposit and could not communicate with us because they only spoke Russian. After an hour they eventually booked another –more expensive- hostel for us and we had to pay for it even if we did have a valid reservation for this hostel.


Avatar for Nuria


Tue 27 May 2014

The first time, I arrived late and the person was not really friendly. Second time was better, the person was friendly but in general, every time the kitchen and the bathroom were not really clean. It is a really good situated hostel if you're interested to visit the center of Moscow.


Avatar for Déborah


Mon 07 Apr 2014

Just where you would want to be in Moscow, the old part of the city,but on the fourth floor with no elevator. A strong smoking and drinking culture and no fire exit except the front stairs. If someone gets drunk and smokes inbed, it would be very bad. No way to lock the rooms. A long way from the room to the shower. Not enough public space. People sleeping in the small amount of public space. Late night smokers left the kitchen really gross and disgusting to find in the morning. That is why I cancelled my reservation for tomorrow night. I will not be going back ther in the future.


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Anne Katherine,

Fri 21 Mar 2014

Dear guest, thank-you for your review. Please note that we take fire safety very seriously. There is a fire exit which is clearly marked and lit at all times. There are very sensitive smoke detectors in each room and each room has a fire evacuation plan. It is forbidden to smoke anywhere in the hostel, only outside in the public garden. In addition there are fire extinguishers and the staff who work 24 hours a day are trained in fire procedures. We have never had a fire in the hostel, and I can assure you guest safety in all aspects is of paramount importance to us. The length of the whole hostel is only 30 meters, so the walk to the shower, depending on which room you are in, can never be more than 30 meters!!

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Moscow - Napoleon Hostel,

Sun 23 Mar 2014