Set on a hill in a magnificent 19th century château, Chateau du Bois-Luzy is surrounded by 8 hectares of public park. This Napoleon III building is spectacular to look at and offers wonderful views of Marseille.

On the inside the hostel is as attractive, with a sky-lit reception hall, wrought-iron balconies and mosaic-tiled floors. On offer are 4-8 bedded rooms and facilities including a kitchen, common room, TV room, laundry and a large dining room that looks out across the gardens to the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.

Chateau du Bois-Luzy is just 200m from the nearest bus-stop and 4.5km from the city centre, an area with a rich heritage and vibrant culture. France's second largest city, Marseille has a colourful harbour, charming old town and a plethora of museums to visit. The hostel offers a range of sports facilities including basketball, football and tennis.

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If you are a history buff, Chateau Bois de Luzy is a must and as a bonus the view makes the whole trip worthwhile. the staff were very accommodating and friendly. Challenges: Location is challenging to get to since it is on top of a hill that requires many twists and turns to get too. A point to be aware of as well is that access to the Chateau is limited during the day so don't show up between 1 and 5 pm.


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Sat 19 Sep 2015

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Calanques; einfach mit der Navette (Boot) den Wasserweg dazu nutzen und dann in den Bus steigen. (Dauert ca. 1 Stunde)

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Sat 25 Jul 2015

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An einigen Geschäften in Marseille-Centre

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Sat 25 Jul 2015