Welcome to Å Vandrerhjem and the small fishing hamlet within Lofoten. At the Å hostel there are ten 100-year-old cabins which have been carefully restored to high standards in the traditional ‘rorbu’ style. It has a charming atmosphere and excellent setting overlooking the sea.

The hostel is located in a museum area with old buildings and a small grocery store, and is housed in two buildings - Hennumgården house and the top floor of Lofoten Stockfish Museum. Some rooms face the sea and have a fantastic ocean view, and facilities include a large kitchen, dining room, TV area and a terrace. The garden, ’Hennum Garden’ is worth a visit, which is part of a project called ‘Ancient gardens in Lofoten’.

From the small village of Å are various hiking routes which means you can take in the breath-taking views of the Lofoten area.

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There are bugbeds in beds and linen. My body is still full of bites and I had to disinfect all my clothes, backpack and shoes in order that the bugs don't enter home (they are very hard to exterminate). Nobody was in the reception and it was closed, we had to call to a number and a guy came like 10 mins later while we were freezing outside with all our luggage. Everything else is ok, the location is very nice. I hope they fix the bugs problem...


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Sun 01 Nov 2015

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none there

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Mon 12 May 2014

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Not om Lofoten

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Mon 29 Jun 2015