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Very good hostel, friendly staff. Sra Arminda was great. I arrived earlier than regular check-in time, and very tired. She made her best to accomodate me. I was so grateful ! I liked the room, the cleanliness, the services, and the offered breakfast. Staying there, you should try to plan your moves by train. There is a train station right beside it. After you get the train, you can swipe to Metro.


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Mon 25 May 2015

It's difficult to find , on the street you don't see any sign . Every day the same breakfast is boring. It's nice en fresh but more variation is welcome.


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Tue 19 May 2015

Very noisy house. There are new blankets on the beds neverless I suppose the sheets and pillows aren't often changed. That is not very hygienic ! There is only 1 roomkey for 4 ore more persons !


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Sun 22 Mar 2015

The blankets are in the closet and the sheets are changed on the thrid day, and the key it´s just one for each room.

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Arminda CALDAS,

Tue 24 Mar 2015

Very good staff and comfortble dependences, but the hostel was very empty during the winter time. If you want some place to meet other people, stay in downtown. To rest is a very good place and near to Lisboa airport and Vasco da Gama mall.


Avatar for marcio


Wed 21 Jan 2015

a common room with tv would be good,




Fri 16 Jan 2015

Mr. Neil We have common room and television on the second floor, if you don´t found we're sorry for the inconvenience. Arminda Caldas.

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Arminda CALDAS,

Sun 18 Jan 2015

Please try to find out the hostel on googl maps with actual address! I was lost as the hostel is far from point that you find on maps. The breakfast is horibl too!


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Fri 12 Dec 2014

Dear Hovik, We are sorry to hear that you were unable to find the hostel , but our address is correct on Google Maps. We wish you Happy Holidays. Arminda Caldas

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Arminda CALDAS,

Sun 14 Dec 2014