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When I went back to pick up luggage I left in the secure luggage room, I was told to just go in, as it was still unlocked. Not exactly a secure room, then... I also expected - from experience in quite a few other hostels - that the linen package would have included a towel. Not so, which was a mild inconvenience.


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Thu 07 May 2015

There is a policy at De Blauwput about NOISE made by guests, and I want to reflect on this. I stayed in a 4-bed female dorm for 5 nights with a woman who snored loudly so that I was woken 15-20 times each night, then left for the weekend and returned for one night paired again with the same woman!!! This woman should not be allowed to stay in a dorm room where despite wearing ear plugs I could not sleep well during my entire stay there. Too tired to complain.


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Wed 12 Nov 2014

schön direkt am Bahnhof, aber das WiFi ist die Hölle.


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Mon 01 Sep 2014

This could have been an excellent hostel if it didn't have some stupidly confining rules. It's well located, extremely clean, and with modern facilities. However, breakfast is served only beginning with 8AM during weekends and the common spaces are out of reach between 11PM and 7:30AM. This means that if you're a morning person and wake up before breakfast time, you have to hang out in the room (with sleeping roommates), stand on the corridors (no chairs or couches there) or go out of the hostel.


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Mihai Cristian,

Thu 14 Aug 2014

I was first given a room, and there were two people in it, making it cramped. So I went back to reception and said that as they were empty, could she not give me another room, on the other side which was quieter, away from the railway. I had a room to myself and a wonderful sleep, shower and breakfast, so excellent stay. Great lockers that you do not have to pay for. Do not understand why this is not done in the first place.


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Tue 08 Jul 2014

I would request that breakfast could be served at 7 AM daily rather than 7:30 or 8 AM, so that one can go off to a class or daily activities earlier! This hostel seems to be just getting up to speed; later it may become more streamlined, I hope.


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Mon 07 Apr 2014