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Wegen fehlendem hot pot bekamen wir ein heißes Kleinbecken im Nebenhaus, netter Service!


Avatar for Dirk


Fri 22 May 2015

La salle de bain dans la chambre est appreciable. Intérieur propre mais un peu daté. Les détails concernant l'adresse ou se rendre (il y a deux batiments differents, éloignés) pourrait être communiquee par mail.


Avatar for Guillaume


Sat 09 May 2015

Il serait judicieux de préciser qu'il est possible de louer des draps. Des tasses et des bols pourraient également être mis en plus grande quantité à disposition.


Avatar for célia


Mon 27 Apr 2015

Il faut un sèche cheveux et des draps housse


Avatar for Stephane


Fri 24 Apr 2015

The hostel was absolutely fine, but I think that having just come from Reykjavik Downtown it was a bit disappointing by contrast. The signs in the town for finding it are not very clear and it was dark and very rainy when we arrived so it was a bit difficult. I also thought the room was pretty cold and there didn't seem to be any heating, and the towels were very rough. That said, it's still a perfectly good hostel and better than lots I've been to! It's just the comparison with Reykjavic...


Avatar for Lauren


Tue 24 Mar 2015

Dear guest I’m sorry to hear that the room was too cold and wish you had notified us via the service phone in the lobby (it is connected strait to our staff mobile). We would have assisted you with the room heating. The rooms on that floor all have floor heating which is controlled with a thermostat located in the room, on the wall by the bathroom. Thank you very much for your comment.

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Thu 26 Mar 2015