The hostel is housed in old church stables, a 60m long red building in beautiful countryside at the centre of the small village of Långasjö.
The hostel is open all year round,
we have 14 rooms with a total of 42 beds and
breakfast buffet is available. We have a craft shop with crafts from the local district, there are bicycles for hire and a playground is located near by the hostel. Here you can enjoy peace and quiet in a beautiful environment. If it is warm, you can take a refreshing bath in the lake, which is only 100m away.
It is 1.5 km to Klasatorpet where the film Emigrants was recorded. At the hostel is also an emigrant’s museum.
There are also fine walking trails around the lake, wild fishing and rich birdlife. There are hiking and cycle trails all aorund Vilhelm Moberg’s Emigrant District.

Långasjö hostel is located in the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket). The 13 glassworks that make up the Kingdom of Crystal have glass of every shape and colour on display. This is where the glass that has become well known through-out the world is created. Browse among the glassworks and discover what is unique with each of them. Shop for bargains and bring your favourites home with you., At the hostel you can hire sheets and towels in the reception, 100 sek/set. You can also buy breakfast from june to august, 70 sek.