The hostel the distaff is situated in the heart of the Natural Protected Area Natural Park of the Arribes del Duero in the province of Zamora (Spain), and there are countless opportunities for the realization of nature activities, hiking and active tourism.By the municipality of then take the path passes Great Route GR 14, which runs along the river Duero doing border with Portugal to its step there are several viewpoints of singular beauty on the cliffs of Los Arribes Dueo river and with a multitude of ethnological elements to your step (mills, chiviteros, lagares cave, sources, hermitages, etc. ). These elements are key to the interpretation of the culture and traditions of the area of the province of Zamora, Castile and Leon, andjust a few kilometers from the hostel, you can visit the Home Park of the Convent of San Francisco in the nearby village of Fermoselle Torre del Aire, where we'll know more in depth this fantastic Natural Protected Areato 13 kilometers of then take is Miranda do Douro, in Portugal, from where the cruise of the Environmental Arribes, waters that runs up the Valley of the EagleActivities:•Routes•Hiking•activities of active tourism•nautical activities•Bicycle•Natural Parks•sports track.Equipment: and services:•Accommodation••Heating Maintenance•activities Room•Library•sports track•wifi Server•Phone•TV-video•Terrace•tourist information.