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Quiet secure central position. Glass walls by staircase rooms 6 and 7 not good. let in too much light at night.


Avatar for Margaret


Sat 21 Mar 2015

in an excellent place - felt very safe at home - had WIFI - met nice people to go out


Avatar for Victoria - German Red Cross

Victoria - German Red Cross,

Mon 16 Feb 2015

a good place, right in the middle of the center of La Paz - close to EL PRADO - historic and the Markets. Nice people - quiet - WIFI - its there.


Avatar for Janine - DRK volunteers

Janine - DRK volunteers,

Sun 08 Feb 2015

this HI-Hostel has what you need, right in the center of La Paz. WIFI for contact - a nice atmosphere - people to meet - etc.


Avatar for Laurence  HORIZON-volunteers

Laurence HORIZON-volunteers,

Sun 08 Feb 2015

This is a great budget place to stay in La Paz. Last year I missed seeing the entertainment room way upstairs! Mattresses in the 9-bed dorm room are great!


Avatar for Jennifer


Fri 16 Jan 2015

a good location and nice hostels - with WIFI - I can recommend it


Avatar for Margherita y Philipp - SJH-volunteers

Margherita y Philipp - SJH-volunteers,

Thu 11 Dec 2014

a good hostel in the center of La Paz - nice atmosphere with WIFI in all rooms


Avatar for Michele - Swiss participantes

Michele - Swiss participantes,

Sun 16 Nov 2014

right in the center - a nice hostel - good atmosphere - Wifi-free - we liked it


Avatar for Jana  -  Eliana  GRK-volunteers

Jana - Eliana GRK-volunteers,

Sat 15 Nov 2014