Utano Youth Hostel is housed in a beautiful, traditional Japanese-style building surrounded by lovely gardens, close to World Heritage Sites such as Kinkakuji, Ryōan-ji, and Tenryuji Temple. It’s just a short taxi ride from the metro which is a few stops from the main JR station in Kyoto.

The hostel offers spacious shared dorms and private rooms, free Wi-Fi, internet access, a well-equipped kitchen, barbecue area, large Japanese baths and a tennis court. You can rent a bike and there are many social activities organised by the hostel including playing games, sweet making and day trips.

Utano Youth Hostel is perfect for those that wish to experience Kyoto’s nature, people and culture. Go on one of the walking tours of the city and make sure you visit Kyoto Studio Park - a working TV and movie set that doubles as a theme park.

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The hostel is very comfortable and clean! Having access to a Japanese-style bath at the hostel is awesome. It's near Ryoan-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Daikaku-ji, and Arashiyama. The only real downside is the location. It's up in the north-western part of Kyoto, so if you want to experience the nightlife of the city, it might not work out. However, they make up for this short-coming by having daily activities at the hostel at 8pm, where you can wind down after a day of sightseeing.


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Wed 24 Jun 2015

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Mon 12 May 2014