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Kusatsu – Kusatsu-kogen YH

Upper left: Siga-Kusatu Road Touring (Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle ...): Panoramic winding road from Kusatsu 1200m to Siga-kougen pass through Mt.Sirane(over 2000m). - Upper right: Yoshigadaira Hiking Course: It starts near the Mt.Shirane resthouse. There is emerald green lake at the top of Mt.Sirane called 'Yugama'. And then there is 1 hour panoramic pass to reach Yoshigadaira hut. They serve nice pasta, deserts and drinks with friendly services. There is a pass through forest on the another half way to Kusatsu Town. Recommended period: Jun. to Sep. Yoshigadaira Hut 090-406-06855 (English OK) - Lower left: Motosirane Mountain Hiking: The Moto Shirane loop starts at the Mt.Shirane resthouse or top station of ropeway. And takes you through a small forest, dry valley, small lake, top of the Mt. Motosirane along the course. 2.5hours from/to top station of ropeway or Sirane-kazan bus stop. - Lower right: Ski (Kusatsu International Ski Area, Only Ski allowed): This world class ski resort with a peak at 2171 meters high has over 13 ski lifts, a gondola, helicopter skiing, ski lessons, and winter events for the whole family. Ski set/wear rental available at YH.-Recommended period: Jun. - Sep. Getting to the hostel: * Highway Bus: Shinjuku-Kusatsu 4 hours. 5 600yen (Round Trip) * One way 3 200yen. Half for child. Reserved seats only. Toilet available. Buy ticket at JR Ticket & Reservation Office. * Departure from Shinjyuku Sin-Minami-Guchi (New South Exit) * Information: JR Bus Kantoh: 03-5379-0874 (Shinjuku) 0279-82-2028 (Naganohara) YH Website (Japanese&English) ---> Transport&Map Page ---> /kusatu_sirane.html * BY TRAIN: Only 3.5 hours from Tokyo. JR+Bus=6 500yen (Round Trip) * Ueno - (JR Takasaki line) - Takasaki - (Agatuma line) - Naganohara Kusatsuguchi - (JR Bus 25min) - Kusatu Onsen BT (Final Bus Stop). * YH is located 1.5km from BT. 20 minute's walk. 650yen by taxi. * Discount Ticket Available! "Kusatsu Onsen Oufuku Waribiki Kippu (Round Trip Discount Ticket)". You can buy at JR Ticket & Reservation Office. 6 500yen from the Tokyo City including the bus ticket. Valid 6days. (excluding express ticket)
  • Geolocation longitude : 138.59221
  • Geolocation latitude : 36.628857
  • Address line : 464-1 Kasatsu-machi, Kusatsu, 377-1711, Japan