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This is not like a hostel I usually stay in, i.e. there are no dorms, just single rooms - it is more a budget hotel. This has its advantages like TV, privacy, safe in room etc, but lacks the sharing of travellers stories typical of dorm


Avatar for Geoff


Tue 03 Mar 2015

The hostel was absolutely clean and very comfortable. It's located in busy market area and also very nearby metro station which makes easy access for daily dropping in and out of the hostel easily at your comfortable time.I strongly recommend new hosteler planning KualaLumpur in holidays might opt this hostel for stay. Goodbye.


Avatar for kartik


Sun 11 Jan 2015

Good location for National Sq and the metro, shop nearby for water and basic snacks. Not a youth hostel in the way most of believe them to be, this is a bare bones no frills hotel one step up from a flea pit. Not able to convince the staff a towel would be helpful, noisy at night with guests shouting and small kids running around.


Avatar for Duncan


Thu 07 Aug 2014

We had a lot of difficulty in locating this hotel. There is no signage of Youth Hostel which made the task doubly difficult. The entrance can not be seen as the footpath is encroached with vendors.


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Wed 18 Jun 2014

I stayed there for almost 2 weeks Front Desk: a. Service as rather inefficient - Most of us complained that it was a rather slow check in. Checkins were not streamlined - it seemed that one person had to do all the checkins while the others hid in the room behind the front desk. Hotel breakfast is of poor quality: There were days when they hotel had high occupancy - they only had a young lady attending. She was cleaning the tables, checking guest in ensuring the food was adequate. No other staff seemed to help her.


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Sat 25 Jan 2014

Very enjoyable stay. Would recommend staying here. Transport links are excellent.


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Fri 24 Jan 2014

they did not deduct the deposit paid and i managed to get breakfast instead but it was far from fitting the difference... tell people to bring their printed booking sheet or to forward the "no-reply email" to them (reservations) as it is shorter that the document they get that shows the final amount due on page 2... the breakfast is basic for Asia..better outside... i would not bother... it is very central very close to station but hard to find because of bazaar tents bwetween station and hotel. porters are very helpful and will get you a taxi if asked..it only cost me 6 MR= 2$ to go to KL Sentral station to deposit my luggage at the check in counter for Malaysian, Emirates and >>> another airline...this saves on queueing at airport and you take KLIA Express to airport = 28 minutes. you MUST allow 3h before check in as the airport is HUGE!!!! i'll go there again.


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marie claude,

Mon 16 Sep 2013

la lettre de reception de la reservation par l'hotel a le probleme suivant :la derniere ligne est coupe'e et elle apparait sur la page 2 aussi les 2 fois m'ont-ils fait payer la totalite' sans deduire les 6% verse's...il faudrait faire le formulaire cadrer avec leurs imprimantes...et j'aurais du' faire une copie mais je n'avais pas d'imprimante la' ou' j'ai fait la reservation. situe' au centre pres de tous les trains , shopping et activite's...mais cache' par les tentes du bazar..= qui entourent la gare...parfois difficile de trouverson chemin...le demander...les gens sont gentils et vous aident


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marie claude,

Sun 08 Sep 2013