Pink Panther's hostel is situated in the city centre, and a stone’s throw from the Market Square. The central train station is a short walk which gives you the opportunity to experience the unforgettable atmosphere of Krakow's Old Town. The staff arrange evening activities such as vodka tastings, Russian champagne evenings and spaghetti dinners.

Pink Panther’s Hostel has free Wi-Fi and internet enabled computers, personal lockers in the rooms, balconies, free breakfast, coffee and tea all day. Daily events at the hostel include: Sunday: Polish vodka tasting! Monday: Beerpong! Tuesday: Wine evening Wednesday: Chocolate Muffins Thursday: Russian Champagne Evening Friday: Chocolate Fondue Fountain Saturday: Zurek- Traditional Polish sour soup afternoon.

Steeped in history, Krakow is somewhere where you need to spend more than a day visiting to admire all the attractions such as the 16th century Krakow Barbican which was formerly the main city gate.

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All you want in a hostel, good location, good people and clean facilities :)


Avatar for Anton


Thu 15 Jan 2015

Los chicos de la recepción fueron increíblemente amables conmigo, ya que justo en aquel viaje Brussels Airlines extravió mi maleta. Ellos hicieron lo posible para ayudarme. Me sentí muy apoyada. El resto del servicio muy bueno. Solo falta un poco más de exigencia con las horas de silencio durante la noche, porque algunos huéspedes no lo respetaban en lo absoluto, y quizás agregar algo de frutas al desayuno. Muchas gracias Pantera Rosa!


Avatar for Andrea


Sat 18 Oct 2014