The Pathpoint Cologne Backpacker Hostel is a modern hostel located in a former church building in the centre of Cologne. It’s only a five-minute walk from the Central train station and 20 minutes from the Cologne/Bonn airport.
Pathpoint Cologne Backpacker Hostel is a perfect starting point to explore the city and the welcoming, friendly staff are ready to help you out with any information you might need during your stay. Reception is open 24 hours, all rooms are equipped with an en-suite and individual lockers, and for just a small price you can enjoy an all-you-can-eat breakfast!
Take a gentle stroll to the famous cathedral of Cologne and the old town, which is full of restaurants, bars, museums and shops, walk along the beautiful Rhine River or discover some of the historic sites like Cologne City Hall and the city walls.

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I know this is a strange request, but was traveling with an Asperger's child ... and she like the close ness to the city, and the breakfast food... did not like the sound insulation ( to noisy at night) and did not like the lack of chill out area.. in the dorm.. ( no I don't know how to correct that one.) .but will be looking for 2x private room next time .. I think she enjoyed it, overall ( her mother says I got about 70% right )


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Mon 02 Nov 2015

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Kölner Philharmonie hat günstige Rest-Tickets

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Sat 31 Oct 2015

Where next?


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Fri 21 Aug 2015