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Très bon accueil !!!!


Avatar for Renaud


Mon 18 May 2015

Eine wunderschöne Herberge-schade dass die Küche um 22.00 schliesst-grosses Manko sind die Matratzen....waren vor 10 Jahren schon übel-sind immer noch die gleichen anscheinend...


Avatar for Sabine


Fri 15 May 2015

A very nice place to stay, Unfortunately we were only there 2 nights and did not take in too much of the location as we were 5 on motorbikes, and were out each day delving into other sights. We did walk down to the nearest pub and had an evening meal there. A very interesting house and history, plenty of dining space and a lovely lounge. Could perhaps do with a few more hooks in the ladies shower room on the second floor so that you could hang your towel close by.... minor detail.


Avatar for Angela


Wed 10 Sep 2014

Marca e indica la comida q dejas en nevera con tu nombre y fecha q te vas


Avatar for inmaculada


Sun 07 Sep 2014

We really enjoyed our stay in Killarney YHA it was just right. The kitchen facilities for self cookers was excellent and the food they were providing on sale looked absolutely lovely. It was great to see so many nationalities there enjoying Irex.and. The outside activities looked fantastic and many children and families were taking part.


Avatar for raynor


Mon 25 Aug 2014

The staff was extraordinarily friendly and caring. They had a lot of tips for us on which pubs to go to for traditional Irish music and what to do and see in the pretty village. Although the building is a little old, the room, bathroom and kitchen were quite alright and tidy. The hostel is located near the town center, however, it is very quiet.


Avatar for Annemarie


Sun 24 Aug 2014

One of my worst experience in a Youth Hostel. We haven't even enjoyed the Hostelling International eMembership. The people working here didn't even want to TRY to understand us when we were asking something. Really a shame to be considered as a "International" youth hostel.


Avatar for Charly


Tue 12 Aug 2014

A lovely stsely home with big dorm rooms aand lots ofmspacemarouhd the hostel. A little away from the centre, but tour companies arrange pick ups and here is a (not very regular) hop on hopmoff service so geeting around not a pronlem. Bathrooms had ratherexposed showers, a bare curtain with nowhere to put your gear. Otherwise all good.


Avatar for keith


Mon 11 Aug 2014