Finnhostel Joensuu is an apartment hostel near the town centre and, because of its quiet location, ideal for families with children. The market place is just 1 kilometre (0.6 miles) away and the beautiful Linnunlahti area and a beach are in the vicinity.

Every apartment has a bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen, internet access and TV, which ensure you feel at home even during a longer stay. There is a playground for children in the
hostel backyard, and you can borrow books, toys and plays from the bookshelf downstairs.

Our rates include breakfast, bed linen, towels and sauna. Lunch and dinner for groups must be ordered in advance. Entrance to the Eastern Finland Sports Institute´s gym is free of charge. We have free parking in the backyard for cars, buses can be parked on the street. The reception is open every day 15.00-20.00hrs.

Joensuu is a compact town where every place can be reached by bike. The hostel has bikes to rent. The lake scenery of Pyhäselkä is a perfect place to enjoy the nature and river Pielisjoki can be admired, for example, from a canoe. In July, Ilosaarirock festival fills the town with music enthusiasts. The great national landscape of Koli is 70 kilometres (45 miles) away, and you can order a minibus taxi to collect you from the hostel.

In the town you can visit, among other places, the art museum and Taitokortteli, a handicraft and culture quarter, where all kinds of shops selling handicrafts entice shoppers in an old wooden house milieu. There are also many good cafes to tickle your palate. Ask the reception staff for recommendations!

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Was a nice surprise to find this place. I'll be back.


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Tue 01 Dec 2015

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Rosso an Italian restaurant.

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Sat 02 May 2015

Attraction tip

The small museum in Carelicum. Bowling. Ice fishing. Botanica. See a place in the lake where rugs are hand washed. Train to Savolinna. Marina. Craft shops. Walks or strolls or cycling through wonderful natural areas.

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Sat 02 May 2015