The Agron guest house is right in the centre of Jerusalem, near the tourism sites of both the Old City and the modern part of town.

The hostel offers 55 rooms with air conditioning, a fridge, shower, bathroom, tea and coffee-making facilities and satellite TV. Free Internet access is available. There are two dining rooms, the larger one for 200 and the smaller for 100 people. Breakfast is included in the price, but additional meals (including packaged meals) should be ordered in advance. Food is Kosher (foods that conform to the regulations of kashrut - Jewish dietary law).

In the Old City, some of the most obvious attractions to visit are the synagogues in the Jewish Quarter and the tunnels of the Western Wall. Other attractions are the Great Synagogue, Solomon Temple and Mount Zion with all its sites.

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Excellent facility. They made us at home and I would recommend it highly.


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Sat 29 Nov 2014

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with the street car and regular buses you come everywhere

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Mon 22 Jul 2013

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breakfast lots too choose from

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Mon 22 Jul 2013