Situated in the center of Jericoacoara, the Jeri Brazil Hostel is the 150 meters of the beach of Malhada one and the 300 meters it meets Main beach and the dune "For of the Sun". Ideal for leisure and rest of small groups and families, therefore is about an inn of small transport that preserves the tranquillity with comfort in a aconchegante environment t?o that it houses it if feels in house.
The inn if disponibiliza of services of bar, private restaurant, offering the culinária: Brazilian and Italian (being marked on order for the proper one she houses) Also services of laundry, strolls of boats, pool table, bugguy, pickup.truck, horses and charretes.

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Phones: (55 88) 3669-2263 -31 9413-1234(tim)
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El dormitorio frente a la cocina no es muy agradable. Sería necesario además un lugar acondicionado para compartir.


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Wed 27 May 2015