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Horrible place. Don't even recommend animals to stay there.pathetic staff. Have no clue about HIH membership affiliation.




Thu 02 Jan 2014

Our hotel/ hostel is very reputed hotel/hostel in Jaipur and we offer all the 3 star facilities. The customer who has posted this review blackmailed us to write bad review about us , since he wanted many freebies from the hostel which we denied( he wanted late checkout till 8.00 pm and also wanted a free drop to station which not the part of the room.) These days its been a common practice that hotels give customers many freebies so that they write good about their hotel so that they can lure more customers.. This customer was using his old experience as he did with other hotels to get freebies in exchange of writing good about them. Since we denied him all the freebies he threatened us to write bad , which he did wrote finally to give the bad name to our hotel. we are writing our explanation so that you can made your mind on non bias basis. thanks and regards management

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Hotel Sarang,

Sat 04 Jan 2014