Hostelling International Bolivia presents the new hostel HI "Inka Pacha", which is located in the sacred island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca: From Copacabana to the port in South it takes a little more than an hour by boat,30 minutes walk up the famous Inca staircase from the port in south you will reach the hostel HI-Hostel INKA Pacha. Come and enjoy the wonderful scenery and a meal rich in our new lodge, built in an environmentally friendly manner,the hostel offers different types well-kept rooms: double, twin, family and dormitory, with and without private bathroom, and almost all with a unique view of the lake Titicaca and the Cordillera Real.Don Martin and his family serve breakfast, lunch and dinner (try the trout to la Romana, fresh out of the lake) and offer interesting tours to the Island of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun and the northern part of the island, with the mystical head of the puma - you can also buy in the hostel the tickets for the boat to Copacabana .HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL RECOMMENDS:If it is possible to perform little luggage the Isla del Sol, the ascent with heavy backpacks and suitcases by the Inca staircase that very hard, particularly for those who are not yet accustomed to the heighton the island there is no banks or atms. brings all the money that you need it (and change).ignores to the children of the port that they want to carry your luggage. The kids make steers to earn the Commission to take you to some accommodation, do not lean not to neglect his school education from the port in south only has to climb the ladder of Inca, passing by the source, until we reach the town "Yumani". It is impossible that don't watch the Inka Hostel Pacha,CONDITIONS OF SHELTER:It is a new building that is located in the most beautiful point on the island, just above the stairs of the Inca and Inca of the sourcefrom the rooms of the hostel, you can see the beautiful sunrise over the lake Titicaca and the snow-capped peaks of the Andes.FOR DIRECTIONS TO THE HOSTEL:By bus From La Paz (Bolivia) or Puno (Peru) all the days to the Copacabana, after 1.5 hours boat up to the port in south of the island of the Sun, and now the only thing left is climbing up the stairs andIS CLOSE TO:Located near the port South of the village of Yumani, beautiful hiking all the Inca sites, ruins and museums, boat trip to the island of the Moon.

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von dem Hostel aus gibt es eine wahnsinns Aussicht - gut am Ende der Trekkingstrecke ueber die Sonneninsel gelegen schoene Farben-Stoffe im Zimmer - hat was man da so braucht


Avatar for Suzanna  -  Adrian - Red Cross

Suzanna - Adrian - Red Cross,

Fri 09 Oct 2015

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Inka Ruinen - wo man hinsieht - war ja auch deren mythischer Ursprung

Avatar for Carolin  und  Jonas - German Red Cross

Carolin und Jonas - German Red Cross,

Mon 16 Jun 2014

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... unbedingt das Trekking ueber den Ruecken der Sonneninsel machen ! - hoch zur Inka-Chakana

Avatar for Carolin  und  Jonas - German Red Cross

Carolin und Jonas - German Red Cross,

Mon 16 Jun 2014