Around the hostel

Nearby attractions

  • Amusement / Theme park (More than 10km)
  • Beach (More than 10km)
  • Cinema (1 to 2km)
  • City Centre (At or next to the hostel)
  • Cycle trails (More than 10km)
  • Golf course (More than 10km)
  • Hiking / Walking trails (More than 10km)
  • Local market (Less than 500m)
  • Mountainous Area (More than 10km)
  • Museums / Art Galleries (Less than 500m)
  • National / State Park (More than 10km)
  • Nightlife (5 to 10km)
  • Parks / Green Area (More than 10km)
  • Restaurants (At or next to the hostel)
  • River / Harbour / Lake (More than 10km)
  • Shopping area / Mall (At or next to the hostel)
  • Supermarket / Food store (At or next to the hostel)
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site (At or next to the hostel)
  • Wooded Area (500m - 1km)

Travellers tips (7)

Attraction tip

Teotihuacan at the end of the the street [reached by walking all the way around the Cathedral] and Tenochtitlan with a guide who speaks Spanish and your language.

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Wed 02 Apr 2014

Budget meal tip

vayan a café de tacuba a comer.

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Tue 22 Apr 2014

Where next?

Santiago de Queretaro, a large modern city with a colonial past and nearby access to Bernal and opal mines. It is also relatively clean and offers good food on most of the plazas.

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Wed 02 Apr 2014

Attraction tip

The Anthropological Museum, The Square of Three Cultures, a daily trip outside the City.

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Thu 09 Oct 2014

Nightlife & entertainment tip

En la terraza hay un bar, no lo experimente, únicamente subi y se veía relajado y con ambiente amigable

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Thu 20 Nov 2014