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After recent remodel, esp. kitchen, GREAT accommodations. Prior digs were very good but a bit dingy. I stayed here 4 previous years and was quite happy, but this year was very pleasantly surprised. Nice people, helpful. No internet, but library downtown is only an easy bus trip away.


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Tue 02 Sep 2014

The house was incredibly beautiful inside and out. The only negative was there was a 6 hour lockout period during the day for cleaning. We couldn't be there between 10:00am -5:00pm. That left us looking for things to fill the day. Syracuse isn't a walking city and if the weather isn't great you'll be stuck out all that time with no place to go. I think a 2 hour lock out for cleaning would be plenty of time. 3:00-5:00 so we'd have the option to make lunch.


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Fri 22 Aug 2014

Leider kann man von ca. 10am bis 5pm nicht einchecken und das Haus ist geschlossen, was für ein Hostel ein schlechter Service ist. Ansonsten ist das Haus sehr schön und das Personal sehr nett.


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Tue 12 Aug 2014

The hostel is in a lovely historic building. The managers are friendly and helpful and give good advice about where to eat and attractions to visit.


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Mon 28 Jul 2014

The staff was very friendly. The hostel closes during the day, which makes it difficult if you need to return to the hostel for any reason - make sure when you go out in the day that you have everything you could need in your day pack. The location is okay. It isn't central to anything, but the staff providers bus schedules for the area. The staff was very good about suggesting activities for me to do around the city. I enjoyed my stay here.


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Wed 16 Jul 2014

After reading previous reviews I wasn't sure what this hostel would be like. However it is now run by a new friendly couple who have previous experience with hostels and I enjoyed my stay in this good example of a grand American house (which is interesting to see on it's own). All in all a good stay.


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Sat 14 Jun 2014

Staff were extremely odd and seemed inexperienced.what few other guests there were were long term and a bit creepy to be honest. Neighborhood did not seem super safe, but doors to rooms did not lock. Floors were a bit dirty, and someone had been smoking inside despite the no smoking signs. Overall a perfectly serviceable hostel if you have to stop in syracuse, but not a fun or pleasant one, and not one I would recommend visiting alone or as a woman.


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Sun 08 Sep 2013

The building is an interesting old mansion, but parts of it are run-down and kind of depressing. Staff seemed a little out of it (eg, did not remember that I had called to say I'd arrive late, didn't tell me where the bathrooms were, etc) The other guests were very friendly and it's in a quiet residential neighborhood, but not that close to either downtown or the train/bus station.


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Wed 28 Aug 2013