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zu wenige Toiletten


Avatar for Dieter


Mon 18 Aug 2014

I had a great stay but there were not enough toilets. The staff are the most friendly hostel staff I have ever encountered. They are a true gem!


Avatar for Catelynne


Mon 30 Sep 2013

St John's City Hostel is horribly cramped and over crowded - they even converted the common room to another dorm room to maximize revenue/profits. The only place to relax is the small table in the tiny kitchen. The guest/bathroom ratio is unacceptable - only 2 bathrooms for dozens of guests. Plan on standing in the hallway often for a toilet.


Avatar for Richard


Wed 17 Jul 2013

If you are planning to travel other locations outside of St John's immediate surroundings and you do not have transport, plan ahead and pre-book a rental car.


Avatar for Rochell


Sat 13 Jul 2013

Ich würde jederzeit wieder nach saint John`s fliegen, aber nicht mehr in der Jugendherberge buchen.


Avatar for Inge


Fri 21 Jun 2013

The garden was nice and the staff were friendly. But we were incredibly disappointed with our stay, which was quite long. Our main concern was the lack of care for the house and the filthiness of the kitchen and bathrooms. One bathroom reeked of urine even though someone had just "cleaned" it. We cleaned the kitchen our self because it was gross. The houses are for sale and its clear the owners don't care for the houses. The sheets also didn't smell very clean - I wonder if enough soap was used. Additionally there was a motorcycle clothing shop and the entire building reeked like artificial leather. During our stay the HI inspector came and we were surprised that the hostel kept it's HI label. After travelling Europe and staying in HI along the way I was disgusted at the St. John's hostel. It also seemed overpriced. Privates are almost $100 a night with no clean sheets or room cleaning included regardless of length of stay. Stay in one of the nice B&B's in town instead.


Avatar for Lauren


Sun 09 Jun 2013