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The only complaint I had was that from my room it was a little noisy, because I could hear people in the hallway and larger trucks outside. Everything else was great.


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Tue 24 Feb 2015

So sorry for the city and hostel noise. We do appreciate your kind comments and patronage. Cheers and travel safe.

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HI - Seattle,

Thu 26 Feb 2015

I enjoyed my stay. It was safe, clean and inexpensive. The breakfast could be better.


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Thu 12 Feb 2015

Many thanks for the kind comments. We are limited what we can serve for breakfast due to Washington State Health department limitations. Our sincere apologies for that.

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HI - Seattle,

Sat 14 Feb 2015

The hostel staff was super friendly and professional. Great place to store a bike if you bring one. The location is SUPER convenient but NOT located in an area that you would want to arrive at late at night with a lot of stuff. Food is really close/open late/great options (if you like chinese food).


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Thu 05 Feb 2015

Thanks so much for your kind comments. Travel safe.

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HI - Seattle,

Sat 07 Feb 2015