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The cottages were a lovely surprise as was the free food and beverages in the well equiped kitchen. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful and the setting lovely. Would definitely recommend hi Santa Cruz. Would suggest the hours of closure during the day be reduced. 11am-5pm is too long.


Avatar for Robin


Tue 21 Apr 2015

WiFi is only good in the main building. Guests should be warned not to leave entry doors open when not in dorms.


Avatar for Sharon


Mon 20 Apr 2015

The location is very good!! Cute house and garden, Got the feeling of beeing home :)


Avatar for Sandra


Fri 17 Apr 2015

I love hosteling it when I travel and have experienced a broad range of quality at various hostels. HI Santa Cruz though was by far one of my favorites. I really loved the friendly staff and the guests who were traveling that I made friends with. Thanks HI SC!


Avatar for Nicole


Mon 13 Apr 2015

The fact that we don't have access to the hostel during the day isn't great. We should have access to the facilities all the time. We aren't kids...


Avatar for Guillaume


Fri 20 Mar 2015

The staff person who checked me in was exceptionally good: warm and fair. There could be a locked bike shed. There could be more soap in the bathroom in "L". But otherwise, I was very comfortable and appreciated the kitchen for storing my food. Met several interesting people. Friday night, it was pretty quiet and I slept well. Thank you - I used to come to this hostel 25 years ago and it might be even better run now.


Avatar for Elaine


Wed 18 Mar 2015

The woman on duty when I checked in (eve of March 9) was welcoming, warm, and took that extra care in getting me settled. She was a big part of what made that hostel experience feel good to me. (I didn't get her name, but please know that she shines in her role.)


Avatar for elaine


Sat 14 Mar 2015