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I wish there were more options to eat dinner in the cafe. Just one - vegetarian quiche - and there wasn't any.


Avatar for Brian


Sat 23 May 2015

Fisherman's Wharf is def the WORST hostel I have ever stayed so far. Why? 1. I did not expect the front dest staffs to be patient/friendly. But at least they needed to learn to be RESPECTFUL before starting this job. Seriously. 2. 4 outlets for a 6-bed dorm. What?! 3. The bathrooms were way too small and the water was too hot, no way to adjust at all. 4. The toilet paper was the thinnest, which resulting in huge waste. Generally speaking, this hostel has nothing besides the location.


Avatar for Xinyi


Thu 21 May 2015

Slightly overweight lady at the desk was rude and clearly did not like her job. Didn't want to even go slightly out of her way to help. Bathrooms-too small, no privacy, not even acceptable even though it is a hostel. Bedrooms-too big, way too many in one room, considering the number of people that snore, being constantly woken up by 15-20 other people coming in at all times of the night/morning There are no quiet areas just to get away from everyone or to Skype, etc.


Avatar for Shannon


Sun 17 May 2015

Great location. Friendly staff. Food could possibly be improved (bagels too tough!)


Avatar for MIKE


Sat 16 May 2015