Around the hostel

Nearby attractions

  • Beach (500m - 1km)
  • Cinema (1 to 2km)
  • City Centre (1 to 2km)
  • Cycle trails (At or next to the hostel)
  • Golf course (5 to 10km)
  • Gym (1 to 2km)
  • Hiking / Walking trails (At or next to the hostel)
  • Local market (1 to 2km)
  • Mountainous Area (5 to 10km)
  • Museums / Art Galleries (Less than 500m)
  • National / State Park (At or next to the hostel)
  • Nightlife (1 to 2km)
  • Parks / Green Area (At or next to the hostel)
  • Restaurants (1 to 2km)
  • Distance to River / Harbour / Lake (At or next to the hostel)
  • Shopping area / Mall (1 to 2km)
  • Distance to Swimming pool (1 to 2km)
  • Supermarket / Food store (1 to 2km)
  • Theatre (1 to 2km)
  • Wooded Area (5 to 10km)

Travellers tips (139)

Where next?

I said at the Hostel the night before and the night I returned from my trip to China. It was a great trip and very reasonably priced, sponsored by Smarttours. I would recommend it.

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Anna Maria F.,

Sun 06 Apr 2014

Attraction tip

alcatraz, girardelli square, street artists

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Wed 23 Apr 2014

Budget meal tip

They have a very large kitchen area so cooking your own food is quite easy. There is also a small restaurant on premises which serves free breakfast as part of your stay; they also serve lunch and dinner from a large menu at a very reasonable cost.

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Thu 24 Apr 2014

Nightlife & entertainment tip

Only went out once as we had just come from a week in vegas 😬 went on the pub crawl. Right in the middle of the tenderloin which was a bit of an experience. Nightlife was okaaaay. Would defently recommend Vegas 👍

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Sat 03 May 2014

Budget meal tip

American Diners, almost anywhere are the cheapest, with good prices, service and choice.

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Mon 21 Apr 2014