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The Hostel is in a not so good part of the city (a lot of homeless on in front of the building) not recommended for people who are traveling alone


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Wed 15 Apr 2015

I love the City Center Hostel! Great location, great bar, great employees, beautiful building. Honestly, I'm not sure what else I could ask for, except potential improvements on sustainability? But even that's still pretty good!


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Wed 15 Apr 2015

Excelent staff, accomodation and localization!


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Sat 04 Apr 2015

Booked into a 4 man bunk. One of the roommates practically didn't shower or change his sheets the entire 4 days I was there, and he also shaved into the bathtub and clogged the damn thing. You could smell him the moment he walked in. Location was a bit ghetto, but hey, you pay for what you get. WiFi was fast but spotty, everything else is fine. Don't bank on the breakfast provided to be anything too exciting. Staff friendly, cleaners diligent. The EF kids that stayed long term were REALLY noisy.


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Sat 21 Mar 2015



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Thu 19 Mar 2015

The staff told me right away what areas of the neighborhood were not safe to walk in. They were very helpful with all my requests, too. My only wish is that earplugs be offefred to new guests who are assigned to rooms in the building's front side, because of the excessive nighttime noise which kept me awake (even on the top floor with windows closed). Street people were shouting and fighting all night long.


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Wed 18 Mar 2015

Hi there, I'm glad to hear that our staff was helpful! Being located in an urban area, it's true that things can be a bit noisy at times. Next time ask our front desk for some free earplugs! Happy Travels, Mel - Assistant General Manager

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San Francisco - City Center,

Fri 20 Mar 2015

The hostel is great. Full of friendly staff and guests. The rooms are comfortable and clean, as well ass bathrooms. The neigborhood is not one of the most pleasing in San Francisco, but you can get around easily as it is located near Market Street and Union Square.


Avatar for Fernando


Fri 13 Mar 2015

Staff were great and I like that the kitchen is open all night. (At one of the other SF hostels, the kitchen is locked until 7 a.m.) The neighborhood is just awful, though. I saw people peeing, throwing up, camping out on the sidewalk, and some who were staring at me and trying to approach me suddenly. It's disgusting. I know it's not the hostel's fault, but could there be some sort of way to help people stay safe? Organize a way for people to walk together in the neighborhood, for instance?


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Wed 04 Mar 2015

It's true that we can't do much about our location and the poverty that exists in the city, but regardless, we do love it here. The Tenderloin is super centrally located and has some pretty cool bars and art galleries. I appreciate your comments, because we are always looking for ways to make our guests feel more comfortable in our neighborhood. Cheers! Mel - Assistant General Manager

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San Francisco - City Center,

Fri 06 Mar 2015