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Good place to stay in San Diego.


Avatar for Gerard


Sun 22 Feb 2015

This is the best Hostel I've ever seen. Congratulations to the staff for making the Environmental practices a way of life. I slept better here than anywhere. Kitchen and bathrooms are maintained with high standards of cleanliness. I love the use of cloth napkins, wash cloths and dish towels, the dishwasher, the glass mugs, real plates, small labels for each person's food, the cubbies, the TV room, outside patio, gardens and access to the bus and grocery stores. .....


Avatar for Eileen


Thu 12 Feb 2015

What a wonderful hostel! It's my favorite place to stay in San Diego. My husband and I always prefer this place when we're in the area. It was a great stay. The only thing was that is was a bit damp in our room. We've stayed many times before and we get that because it's Point Loma it's humid, but our bedsheets were a little damp.


Avatar for Allison


Thu 12 Feb 2015