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There are problems with the online booking...my registration was not on file at HI point Loma. ...they found a room for me right away. ..staff was great


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Mon 18 May 2015

I figured out the error with your reservation not showing up, and I fixed it, so you shouldn't have that issue again! Thanks for choosing to stay with us!

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Jenny Wise,

Wed 20 May 2015

Friendly and efficient staff, clean facilities, easy breakfast and food access, and good location for buses and walking.


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Mon 18 May 2015

Every night we were there, we put up with loud talking and laughter til 1 or 2 in the morning. We were given a room barely larger than the bed to stay in for 3 nights. And I was informed on the internet and by my phone call that I would receive the third night free, which when I paid for the room at the hostel was told that did not apply. So I ended up paying over $200 total for a closet sized room to sleep in for 3 miserable nights.


Avatar for Steve


Sun 17 May 2015

Excellent staff and services, I will definitely recommend.


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Sun 17 May 2015

As always while hosteling I met new international friends great conversations and very comfortable sleeping which is not always a given while hosteling.


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Fri 15 May 2015

I predicted to arrive at 12.30AM & had sent an email a few days before. She advised that I shall arrive before 1AM. On d-day, I sent another email to confirm this and was replied "sound's good". I departed and finally arrived at 12.28AM. No one was on reception and I was stranded outside until a guest opened the door after verifying my booking. I slept in the common lounge and got only 10% off for the inconvenience. In addition, parking is ample only if you arrive before 10PM. Very inconvenient.


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Albert M,

Fri 01 May 2015

I am so sorry to hear about this mishap! Although our office closes at 12am every night we do accommodate late check-ins by leaving an emergency phone number posted on the front door, as well as an emergency pager inside the hostel. We will discuss this issue with our staff and ensure this does not happen again. We really appreciate you choosing to stay with us and for taking the time to review our hostel. Cheers!

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Jenny Wise,

Sun 03 May 2015