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My flight got in after 10pm and the front desk was staffed. Thank you. Although I placed in a full room. No problem, but I also drew the top bunk. Witch made it difficult to get in with out waking everyone in the room. A few unhappy folks. I apologized. but the damage was done, they were awake. I realize booking is first come first serve but it should be kept in mind late arrivels will wake the house trying to get in.


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Wed 25 Feb 2015

Thank you for the review. Our apologies for the awkward situation. Chances are we were pretty full that evening, as typically we do not put people in top bunks if we have bottoms available, but we will definitely follow up with our night crew and let them know about your concern. Thanks a lot for the business and for the time you took to give us feedback. All the best, HI San Diego Downtown

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Fri 27 Feb 2015



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Fri 30 Jan 2015