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This was my first time staying in a hostel and it was a great first experience! I loved that you could bring you own food in, as long as you put your information on it. The dinners for cheap donations really helped with budgeting and the food was good! The only improvement I could suggest is improve the breakfast selection. Adding bagels and cream cheese and muffins, would make a great difference and more fruit.


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Thu 16 Apr 2015

The hostel is comfortable and clean. However,I would like to see the kitchen set up to make washing dishes easier and less wasteful of water. HI Downtown San Francisco have a sink full of warm soapy water and a rinsing sink available.. I think this helps people in the wash up process and helps keep the place more organised. I am aslo surprised that, given there is a drought in California, there are not more signs at sinks and in washrooms, reminding people to use water sparingly.


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Sun 12 Apr 2015

to many emails to review my stay. I suggest you fire your over zealous marketing idiot.


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Tue 31 Mar 2015

My room, 302, faced the alley with garbage dumpster. On one day in particular the entire room smelled of garbage for hours. It was gross. The ac (window unit) was not placed in a good spot. At night I close the curtains (behind the bed) because I prefer a darker room to sleep in. However, the ac would blow on the curtains and the air did not circulate well so the room would get hot.


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Fri 20 Mar 2015

Thanks for the review and the business! Our apologies for the issue you had with your room. Unfortunately, to have an AC in there we had to put it in the window near the bed. We will look at the curtains though and see if there can be something done there. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. In the future, please let us know when you are here, and we can most likely get you into another room that better suits your needs. Thanks again. All the best, HI San Diego Downtown

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Sun 22 Mar 2015

Best HI yet. Great Location close to everything. Get a $5/day Metro Pass and you can up to Old Town or down to Mexico,right in the Gas Light district. Does get noisy on Friday and Saturday nights so if you're not a partier ask for a room away from the street. I brought ear plugs and was fine. Breakfast was pretty much toast and cereal, self help kitchen so bring your own pancake mix.


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Fri 06 Mar 2015

Thanks for the great review! So glad to hear you enjoyed your stay. On a side note, we offer free earplugs at our reception should you forget to bring your own. Thanks again. All the best, HI San Diego Downtown

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Sun 08 Mar 2015

My flight got in after 10pm and the front desk was staffed. Thank you. Although I placed in a full room. No problem, but I also drew the top bunk. Witch made it difficult to get in with out waking everyone in the room. A few unhappy folks. I apologized. but the damage was done, they were awake. I realize booking is first come first serve but it should be kept in mind late arrivels will wake the house trying to get in.


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Wed 25 Feb 2015

Thank you for the review. Our apologies for the awkward situation. Chances are we were pretty full that evening, as typically we do not put people in top bunks if we have bottoms available, but we will definitely follow up with our night crew and let them know about your concern. Thanks a lot for the business and for the time you took to give us feedback. All the best, HI San Diego Downtown

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Fri 27 Feb 2015