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The hostel is gorgeous, the kitchen is grand, but we were kept up most of the night by the simplest of sounds: a neighbor's snoring, the bizarrely loud creaks made by someone simply walking to the bathroom. Also, the house isn't well insulated, so we were kept up by screams and fights (from the street). We had a private room, so we paid what we would've for an ordinary hotel. We'd hoped the extra $$ would buy us a solid night's sleep... We support HI but we probably wouldn't stay here again.


Avatar for Wolfgang


Fri 27 Feb 2015

Too bad SACRAMENTO is just so boring which explains why I had to cut my stay short by a day, it could have been 2 days short. Very impressed with the location, the staff, and the accommodations. I am very impressed with the bedding. The other guests were excellent too. SACRAMENTO makes SALT Lake City ( City of Mormons ) extremely exciting. The 2 huge malls is a BIG PLUS.


Avatar for remigio


Wed 25 Feb 2015

The staff at this Hostel love what they do and it shows in many ways. When a visitor asks a question, they really have a great wealth of info to share. The breakfast is really good, info boards with local happenings are current. The staff makes it feel like a home away from home.


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Tue 24 Feb 2015

Fue mi primera experiencia y me gustó mucho. Gracias al equipo de HI Sacramento por la atención dispensada.


Avatar for Martin


Thu 12 Feb 2015

Rm 31 nugget; the table lamp was too poorly designed and inadequate to allow reading in the evening, a clock radio would be good too- of course for those who are responsible with it's use, a good experience, will make a arrangements again, thanks


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Tue 13 Jan 2015

great place to stay.


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Thu 04 Dec 2014

this was a beautiful building and a really lovely place to stay. i would def recommend to anyone in need of a safe cozy place to crash. tons of awesome services, a huge kitchen and really kind staff. best hostel ive ever stayed at in the states, no doubts about it. thanks again! asha:.


Avatar for Ash


Wed 03 Dec 2014