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the women's restrooms were closed on 2nd fl and 3rd fl showers didn't work. had to wait for downstairs shower. Casey was fabulous, as always. Young woman on shift was of little help to me or others and required prodding to answer questions or refill toilet paper in the only restrooms available to women. I will try visiting again after your repairs are complete, but we should not have been charged full rate. If I had not visited before and that visit a positive experience, I would never return.


Avatar for Melodi


Tue 19 May 2015

I liked the friendly staff, the events, the breakfast, and the location was wonderful! But I got the Nugget room, which has a mattress that has seen its best days. The springs practically come right up into your body - VERY uncomfortable. I was going to stay two nights and am glad I got the opportunity to stay elsewhere.


Avatar for Sabine


Tue 12 May 2015

Very great experience and clean bathrooms! Having a fan in our room (3rd floor) was essential. I DID APPEAR TO GET EXPOSED TO BED BUGS DURING MY STAY IN ROOM 30 (APRIL 26-29). I noticed the bites after I came home, a day or two after my stay.


Avatar for Dan


Mon 04 May 2015

La propreté des sanitaires.


Avatar for Laurence


Fri 01 May 2015

All the staff of the hostel was very friendly and nice, they helped me even when I left the hostel!!! The building is BEAUTIFUL!!! Everything was perfect!


Avatar for Saúl


Sun 26 Apr 2015

Reception staff especially Travis were so helpful and welcoming. Putting out more breakfast would have been good, as some morning I would come down and there would be no toast or fruit left


Avatar for Sophie


Thu 23 Apr 2015

Très bel endroit, architecture splendide ! Une belle place pour découvrir une ville très sympathique trop souvent oubliée par les voyageurs. Sacramento à beaucoup à offrir.


Avatar for Philippe


Sat 18 Apr 2015