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Hawthorne is great. I have fond memories and good experiences of the staff. Everyone there is accommodating and for reasons out of their control, fun people are drawn to it. The house is immaculate and I have thorough and deep conversations there with people such as the dude from Central Europe who told me about robotics tech, a Bay Area composer young woman, and the talented guitarist from the Midwest. I especially like the helpfulness of the staff in recommending the art tour and letting


Avatar for Edward


Mon 23 Mar 2015

Very kind and helpful staff, loved the eco focus and easy bedding system.


Avatar for Jordan


Sat 21 Mar 2015

Excellent first hostel experience. Knowledgeable staff, all amenities that one would need. Would return and recommend.


Avatar for Nick


Thu 19 Mar 2015

I enjoyed everything; of all the hostels I've stayed in, this is one of my very favorites.


Avatar for Patrick


Thu 19 Mar 2015

good hostel! friendly staff. I can understand English, but very kindness. I'll be back. Thank you!!


Avatar for seiji


Sat 14 Mar 2015

I loved the location and overall personality of this hostel. I only wished that the staff had more of a preference for recommending local faire. I love recommendations by locals for brew and food, I felt a lack of passion from the staff when I inquired. Otherwise a great place. Remember that you can reserve a bed, which I did not know and as a traveler who is nearly 60, I prefer a lower bunk, but still enjoyed my stay!


Avatar for Melissa


Mon 02 Mar 2015