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Si bien esta alejado de la ciudad, la disponibilidad de bicicletas permite conectividad. Lo mejor de todo es la historia de la mansion. Pienso que tendrian que mejorar la salida obligatoria del recinto. A veces uno requiere trabajar o descanzar y no puede si debe salir desde las 11 hasta las 16:30. Y me parece que eso no lo anuncia en la pagina del hostel.


Avatar for Jacqueline


Fri 22 May 2015

Really enjoyed staying here. A little way outside the city but very easy to catch the bus into town. Staff very helpful. AC was broke in the main house when I arrived and I was given a choice about where to stay which I thought was good. The gentleman on the desk was very helpful when it came to sorting out change for me to do my washing. Doors are shut during the day but this didn't me as I was in the city. I would definitely recommend staying here.


Avatar for Olly


Tue 23 Dec 2014

I was going to stay at the hostel downtown but it was full. Glad I ended up here. One of my most enjoyable hostel stays anywhere, and worth the small trek to get there!


Avatar for Joel


Fri 01 Aug 2014

Watch out for ticks in the woods!


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Thu 15 May 2014

The recycling should be IN the kitchen and labeled. The location isn't ideal, but this is more than made up for by the atmosphere and the staff.


Avatar for Paul


Mon 28 Apr 2014

Surprisingly quiet and remote hostel in a historic mansion and carriage house, located only a few minutes by car from downtown Philly in a scenic corner of Fairmount Park. Abundant parking for cars and bicycles. Mattresses are somewhat uncomfortable, lockers scarce, and bathrooms on the wee side, but the facility itself couldn't be cozier, more inviting, or more relaxing. Pancake batter and coffee available mornings after 8 a.m.. Daily lockout 11 to 4:30, curfew 2 a.m. Ideal for cyclists.


Avatar for Timothy


Mon 28 Apr 2014

The location is quite far from downtown and in a forest. For consideration of safety, you should try to arrive there before the sunset. I went there by walk from another side of the river. I saw deer, geese on my way. When it got dim, I felt nervous. But when I got the hostel, everything is great for just $20 /night in dorm.


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Tue 15 Apr 2014