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Jugendherberge am noch zumutbaren Niveau (dem alten Gebäude geschuldet) : wer micht auf den letzten EURO schaut sollte vielleicht für etwas mehr eher ein Hotel suchen Frühstück für Jugendherbege absolut i.O. Mitarbeiter sehr freundlich und mit guten Ratschlägen bei Fragen bzw. Touren Ggf. im Vorfelds Kontakt mit dem Hostel aufnehmen da sie Vergünstigungen bzw. Rabatte bei einigen Partner anbieten (Eishockey Ottawa Senators, VIA Rail, ...) Sehr gute Lage direkt im Zentrum


Avatar for Andre


Mon 17 Nov 2014

No lockers and wifi didn't work in the rooms, but overall fine.


Avatar for Angela


Fri 14 Nov 2014

Es noviembre, hace frio y el hostel no esta muy lleno. El edificio es muy original. Buena atencion del staff. Tiene una cocina grande y muy bien equipada. Sirven un desayuno completo por ser un hostel, es un plus. La ubicacion mejor imposible! 100% recomendable! It is novembre, it is cold and the hostel it isn't full. The building is original. Good attention from the staff. The kitchen is big and with all stuff. They offer a complet breakfast. The situation is excelent! 100% recommend.


Avatar for Anna


Fri 07 Nov 2014

Das muss man erlebt haben. Einfach ein MUST! Unbedingt die Führung besuchen. Schon meine zweiter Aufenthalt.


Avatar for Martin


Wed 29 Oct 2014

The hostel is really interesting because it's an old jail and the breakfast is good and free but maybe shouldn't stay there whne it gets cold because of the pipes which makes really loud noises in the room I stayed hard to sleep and I didn't have lockers in my rom


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Dominique Debora,

Mon 27 Oct 2014

Very good location. Walking distance to all attractions and restaurants. There is one kitchen in the room, quite surprised. Good size of the room. The hostel used to be a jail, so it is kind of interesting experience. Downside: no wifi in the room available, I guess because of the thick wall as it is used to be a jail. But I do hope they can figure out a way to solve this problem. Breakfast starts at 8:30am, too late!!


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Fri 17 Oct 2014

Unfortunately, my room at the Jail Hostel in Ottawa had bed bugs, so I got bit the first night and had a stressful night getting my things cleaned. Also, parties in the courtyard or bar on the weekend make it hard to find sleep (it's ok for travellers maybe, but not if you have to go work the next day). Since there are no real doors in the Jail Hostel (the bottom and top parts are just bars), you can listen to people having sex as if they were in your room. Great fun. For me, never again.


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Mon 06 Oct 2014

It's a good hostel if you are travelling alone and if you aren't a claustrophobic person hahaha


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Wed 03 Sep 2014