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do not raise teh rates again; AYH HI is non profit; it s/come in BELOW Market, not above; thx David!


Avatar for Nicholas


Mon 25 May 2015

Very nice hostel but the "free breakfast" (pancakes and maple syrup) was rather disappointing!


Avatar for Stephen


Sun 24 May 2015

I gave already an review on another site of hi so I don't know if you already read it. I think the hostel is fine but it is just the value for the money which drives me crazy. I pay around 36-39$ as an HI member and have to sleep in an 18 people dorm. This is just not worth it. Esp. Compared to prices in other Hi hostels in more prominent cities. I wouldn't recommend your hostel because of that.


Avatar for Johannes


Thu 21 May 2015

The young man Marcus at the front desk is particularly remarkable!


Avatar for Pravin


Wed 20 May 2015

I liked the friendliness of the staff and their willingness to go beyond my reservation. I liked the accommodations and the cleanliness of the facilities. I liked the availability of parking and backyard garden.


Avatar for Helen


Tue 19 May 2015

The staff was very helpful and it's in a great location. The dorms are well set-up, although bring your ear plugs because the beds are squeaky. My labelled food was eaten, although not the hostels fault but speaks to the lack of respect some people have in hostels. Just as a reminder of hostel etiquette, if food is not yours and has someone else's name of it, don't touch it, we are all traveling on a budget and food is a big cost, don't leave people hungry.


Avatar for Vincent


Tue 19 May 2015

There was almost no water pressure in the sinks and the faucets were configured to free flow after the handle is pressed. The water kept flowing even though I didn't need it, a simple on off system would save a lot of water. The showers were token operated and shut off right as I was almost done (with 1 token). I had to put another token in and the water continued to flow long after I was finished. Again a simple on off configuration would save water. California is in a serious drought.


Avatar for Michael


Mon 18 May 2015