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Great location and very nice people. We did find the idea of cooking in hot pots rather than on a stove top a bit challenging!


Avatar for Chrys


Thu 19 Mar 2015

Thank you for the good service.


Avatar for Alicia


Thu 19 Mar 2015

The matress was not comfortable at all and when the person of the other bed moved, all the room was woke up because of the noise!


Avatar for Aude


Thu 12 Mar 2015

Auberge de Monterey, en Californie, le personnel y est clairement très désagréable, les prix très élevés, les dortoirs pas du tout accueillants et les douches ne fonctionnent qu'une fois sur trois. Rien à recommander dans cet endroit, grosse déception.


Avatar for Sacha


Thu 12 Mar 2015

I was surprised at how indifferent the staff was. Both the woman who checked us in and the guy who checked us out seemed completely disinterested in our experience and that they were just at the job because they had to be there. There was a hispanic looking guy there in the morning who was super friendly. Too bad none of the other employees were as attentive as he was.


Avatar for Thomas


Tue 10 Mar 2015