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If there is room, please don't pack all the guests in one room.


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Fri 20 Mar 2015

The Wifi service is disgusting. It works only at the lobby. Once you leave the lobby to go to your room or the kitchen, it get connected. When you return to the lobby, you have to bring up the browser and login again, before you can use the wifi. I did not realise this for the first 2 days and could not use Wifi at all. I asked the counter but did not get any useful information. He just said that the Wifi service might be down. The staff is not helpful.


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Sat 04 Oct 2014

Thank you for your feedback. Please note that we are aware of the WIFI issues and are currently in the midst of getting it all sorted. We have new equipment coming with more access points and our IT techs will be working on it when it arrives within a few weeks.

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Linda Dip,

Mon 06 Oct 2014

We had a great stay at HI - Lake Louise Alpine Centre. The kitchen was clean and well equipped and the rooms and bathrooms were spotless. The food at the cafe was good and the staff were great there too.


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Fri 03 Oct 2014

Une auberge en excellent état, de très bon niveau et avec un bon restautant intégré. De bons équipements communs à partager. On regrette l'abscence de salle d'eau intégrée dans les chambres réservées pour couples, mais c'est une HI et non un hôtel !


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Thu 02 Oct 2014

Sehr schlechtes Internet, cooles Dachbett im Mehrbettzimmer, gut ausgestattete Küche


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Mon 29 Sep 2014