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Høvringen hostel is situated at Putten Seter in Rondane Nationalpark. Putten Seter has marvellous view towards Jotunheimen from the heart of Rondane. There is also a café and reception rooms. Both individuals and groups are welcome. Suitable for families. For groups, please contact the hostel directly at 0047 61233012 or email to Getting to the hostel: 265 km to Oslo Airport Gardermoen The nearest bus stops are in Høvringen or at Otta station Parking is available at Putten Seter/ HI Høvringen Putten Seter Puttenvegen 481 2673 Høvringen Sel Oppland At Putten Seter/ HI Høvringen 27 km to Otta train station
  • Geolocation longitude : 9.491115
  • Geolocation latitude : 61.85368
  • Address line : Putten Seter, Puttenv.481, Høvringen, 2673, Norway