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The hostel is in an excellent location-close to the art museums and theater, which is what I value. It was clean and the staff was helpful with directions, etc. I had trouble sleeping because the room was too cold. The air conditioner was kept on at too high of a temperature. Also, the staff played the radio way too loud in the evening. I couldn't sit in the common area and read because it was too loud. I had to go into my room and shut the door to get away from the noise.


Avatar for Donna


Sat 18 Apr 2015

Love the Morty Rich House!!


Avatar for K


Wed 08 Apr 2015

I heard very positive things about HI-Houston Morty Rich and was very pleased that my experience matched my expectations. The dorm rooms were spotlessly clean, with comfy, sturdy beds, but what really surprised me was the quality of the furniture in the common area: I usually expect slightly beat up old sofas at a hostel, but here we had plush leather sofas and fancy coffee tables. All in all, a truly excellent spot and I would definitely come back.


Avatar for Stirling


Fri 20 Mar 2015

It was quite clear to those staying that an inspection was coming because we felt pushed around and were treated rudely when asking for things like a new towel or even water at breakfast. My last night they were banging away putting things on walls and installing soup dispensers etc until 3am. All this and our room out the back had an out of order bathroom for my entire stay and was later told they had forgotten to call the plumber...priorities.


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Wed 18 Mar 2015

Warmer covers on the beds. Also night time & morning quiet times posted would be good for sleep.


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Wed 18 Mar 2015

I appreciated the courtesy offered by the staff- were friendly and accommodating!


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Tue 17 Mar 2015

With the door rooms I wish there was an enforced quiet policy until 8a. Even for those eating breakfast to keep things down until that time. I loved the private room. It was clean, quiet bliss.


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Mon 16 Mar 2015