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It's nicely tucked beside the University of Hawaii-Manoa and in the morning, you can hear the neighboring schoolchildren singing Hawaiian songs. For quiet people, it has great "lights-out" rules, whereon the entire hostel is basically quiet and dark by 11pm. Bus stops to downtown, small markets, and tourist sites are very close. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The common room was very clean and had plenty of comfortable seating and reading material. My dorm room felt secure.


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Mon 23 Feb 2015



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Wed 11 Feb 2015

Enjoyed the atmosphere and location. The floors in the bedroom seemed to always have sand on them, even though I know they were swept daily. My biggest disappointment was being unable to get into the kitchen before 7AM. I am an early riser, and it would have been nice to make some tea to drink. Instead, I found a Burger King not too far away, where I would go and grab breakfast. I would definitely stay here again, though.


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Sat 24 Jan 2015