Around the hostel

Nearby attractions

  • Amusement / Theme park (More than 10km)
  • Beach (Less than 500m)
  • Cinema (500m - 1km)
  • City Centre (At or next to the hostel)
  • Cycle trails (Less than 500m)
  • Golf course (500m - 1km)
  • Gym (500m - 1km)
  • Hiking / Walking trails (500m - 1km)
  • Local market (Less than 500m)
  • Mountainous Area (500m - 1km)
  • Museums / Art Galleries (500m - 1km)
  • National / State Park (500m - 1km)
  • Nightlife (At or next to the hostel)
  • Parks / Green Area (At or next to the hostel)
  • Restaurants (At or next to the hostel)
  • Shopping area / Mall (At or next to the hostel)
  • Swimming pool (500m - 1km)
  • Supermarket / Food store (Less than 500m)
  • Theatre (500m - 1km)
  • Water park (More than 10km)
  • Wooded Area (500m - 1km)

Travellers tips (157)

Budget meal tip

Food Pantry near the hostel.

Avatar for Thomas


Sun 01 Sep 2013

Nightlife & entertainment tip

do not miss the evening Hula-show at Kuhio Beach -goosebumps guaranteed!

Avatar for Maike


Thu 26 Sep 2013

Budget meal tip

Walmart ,then cook the food in the hostel kitchen.

Avatar for Esther


Mon 21 Jan 2013

Attraction tip

Hiking at Manoa Falls or the Honolulu Museum of Art

Avatar for Katie


Wed 06 Feb 2013

Attraction tip

The east end of Waikiki beach, bring goggles so that you can easily see the fish that are swimming out there and know what reefs you are swimming over to make the most of your time in the water without disturbing the ecosystem!

Avatar for Elisabeth


Thu 24 Jan 2013