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Eastham is a good place to see the Cape and the visitor center.


Avatar for gudrun


Tue 09 Sep 2014

Great location, very nice premises. Staff has always been great! Looking forward to returning.


Avatar for Michael


Tue 02 Sep 2014

You will find lovely cabins to stay and warm-hearted staffs here. shower condition could be improved.


Avatar for XIA


Mon 01 Sep 2014

They really need some new mattresses! The location and the setting are wonderful, jst far enough off the beaten track to not hear traffic.


Avatar for Anne


Fri 29 Aug 2014

Sit back relax.


Avatar for denise


Thu 28 Aug 2014

To prevent bedbugs, I think it would be beneficial to wipe mattresses between guests and change blankets and mattress pads. I know that would offset the green rating somewhat - but even rotating blankets by putting them in sealed bags would be better. In terms of general cleanliness my bunk and cabin were very sandy - perhaps provide each cabin with a broom to encourage sweeping?


Avatar for margaret


Wed 27 Aug 2014

Everyone was warmly welcomed. Caretakers are friendly and genuine, readily sharing their extensive knowledge of where to go for those of us unfamiliar with the area. The breakfasts were wonderful. I'd go back again and again.


Avatar for Barbara


Mon 18 Aug 2014

I loved my stay at the hostel except that we shared the hostel with three groups that together totaled 30 or 40 pre-teens and teens. They dominated the common spaces, and had their own agenda. It was impossible for us to hang out and enjoy an evening at the hostel, and to even use the kitchen easily for dinner. Also, a homeless man who was obviously sick with a very bad cough was allowed to stay in our dorm for one night. This doesn't seem a good policy.


Avatar for Adrianne


Wed 30 Jul 2014