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I loved the hostel. The only issue I had was getting up into the bunk beds in the Male Premium room. It wasn't very easy (especially at night), but manageable.


Avatar for Geoffrey


Sat 02 May 2015

My only complaint is that there were several times when there weren't any paper towels in the bathroom.


Avatar for Anne


Sat 02 May 2015

I think it would fantastic if HI would purchase fresh produce from local farms and have a very nutritious breakfast. I realize that this may impact prices, but it is just a suggestion. I loved the planned outings, if I were not in the city for a conference I would have absolutely taken part.


Avatar for Eli


Thu 30 Apr 2015

the only beef I have is that the hostel was a little too close to the elevated train line. While this is a small thing some people would be bugged by it.


Avatar for Michael


Wed 29 Apr 2015