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Excellent location and nice, clean rooms. Enjoyable breakfast experience.


Avatar for Cheng


Tue 19 May 2015

Good. But many people snore~


Avatar for Ge


Mon 18 May 2015

I don't know who bought the Pam but it was aerosol. I also don't know if aerosol is using other propellant and no longer affects ozone. Thank you I had a great time.


Avatar for Cindy


Sat 16 May 2015

It was my fourth visit. Never disappoints. Superb location. Small hostel, never gets too crowded. If only you could improve the breakfast :)


Avatar for Eduardo


Fri 15 May 2015

I don't like the No Alcohol rule. I stay there while the curfew was on, and a beer during night at your hostel if you can't go out It's the best option.


Avatar for Cesar


Thu 14 May 2015

The staff were genuine real people, not scripted plastic smiles. No matter what a company's mission statement may claim, the draconian hyper-performance environment of profit-driven corporate greed actually suffocates, strangles and repels the genuine friendly personalities that a mission-driven ethos like Hosteling International's naturally attracts. Thanks for being different :) Security rating due to rear gate issue...manager was informed and working to fix it.


Avatar for Joshua


Tue 12 May 2015

HI-Baltimore is the BEST! I stayed for four nights in May, and I truly enjoyed by stay at the hostel and Baltimore. As someone who has been hosteling in the US and Europe since the 1990's, HI-Baltimore is one of the best around with a homey feel, personal staff, and great accommodations. I truly enjoyed my stay at the HI-Baltimore. I know that I will visit again the next time I am in Baltimore.


Avatar for William


Tue 12 May 2015