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Me encantó mi estancia en este hostal. Está muy bien ubicado, las instalaciones me encantaron y el ambiente ni se diga muy bueno, tuve la fortuna de conocer a 2 increíbles personas. Nada mejor que tomar una cerveza bien fría con un cigarro en el balcón principal..


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Wed 28 Jan 2015

Sin duda repetiría mi experiencia. El lugar está genial para ir solo, en pareja o en grupo. :)


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Tue 11 Nov 2014

Muchas gracias por el comentario! Nos alegra que hayas disfrutado de tu estadia en HI Hospedarte Centro Historico. Te esperamos nuevamente! -HI General Manager

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Guadalajara - Guadalajara,

Thu 13 Nov 2014

Tuve una estadía muy placentera, la ubicación es ideal para conocer lo mejor de Guadalajara, el trato del personal es como de un hotel 5 estrellas!!! :) Si hubiera la opción de un cuarto más caro con baño privado sí lo pagaría pues los precios que tienen son muy accesibles


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Mon 25 Aug 2014

Muchas gracias por los comentarios! nos alegra que hayas tenido una buena estadia! te esperamos pronto! HI Hostel – Guadalajara Centro/ General Manager

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Guadalajara - Guadalajara,

Wed 27 Aug 2014

Overall, a really good hostel with a really good location


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Thu 24 Jul 2014

3. That's...well, great! Thanks for the great review! We are glad you enjoyed your experience at the hostel! Hope to see you again at Hospedarte Guadalajara Centro! Guadalajara Centro/ General Manager

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Guadalajara - Guadalajara,

Sat 26 Jul 2014

Really liked this hostel, was my favourite one of my trip so far


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Mon 26 May 2014

That's...well, great! Thanks for the great review! We hope you do come back to visit! Thanks for choosing HI-Hospedarte! -Nico, HI Hostel – Guadalajara Centro/ General Manager

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Guadalajara - Guadalajara,

Wed 28 May 2014

One staff member in particular was VERY unfriendly, always met me with a snarl. There was no electricity one morning. The bathrooms are directly off the common area, so you can hear people peeing while you're eating breakfast. The balcony doors in my room didn't even close properly, let alone lock. So anyone off the street could have got in! The door on the room was an old fashioned key lock, so you had to manually lock it when you went in and out, which nobody did, so the room was almost always unlocked. Someone, who was definitely not staying in my room, had a nap in my room...I'm pretty sure it was a staff member. The showers are very smelly and moldy. The drinking water ran out at one point. No vibe whatsoever. The place was dead. Pillows were very old, dirty, fat and lumpy. Completely unusable. Mattresses old and dirty. Unpleasant to see from the bottom bunk. Someone stole my bananas. I definitely wouldn't go back to this hostel.


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Tue 11 Mar 2014

Hi Jazmine, it's incredible your comment, really... Usually good comments encourage us to continue doing well our job, critical comments help us to improve and be able to correct some important aspects of the hostel. Honestly, in your case I can't almost see feedback because I see many calumnies, exaggerations, and aspects negative of your person, surely place you go, you'll find the black dot. No Jazmine, we treated you very well, as we do with all our guests, definitely this aspect is one of our strengths. We had as usual good atmosphere in the hostel thanks for many guests having good time in our communal areas, maybe was you whom never approached. No Jazmin, you really think that someone can climb 4 meters from the street to the balcony?? Obviously never has happened something like this in 13 years since we opened. Two months ago we remodel completely the showers, we have received many good comments about it indeed. I regret that someone had eaten your banana, but it does not seem reason enough to make a libel comment. This space is reduced to clear every aspect you mention. Last, are you sure you didn't like anything? because you stayed 1 week with us.. if all this was like you said, somebody else had gone next morning... don't you think? Good luck in your upcoming trips and life smile you ;)

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Thu 13 Mar 2014

I wish I had been able to STAY LONGER! I especially enjoyed the kindness and helpfulness given by Estela--that made my stay even more memorable. The level of this highly professional crew is remarkable, and their sense of humor can't be beat!


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Tue 14 Jan 2014

Great!! We always love to hear very positive feedback! That means we are doing pretty well!! Really glad you enjoyed your stay!! I have shared your comment and congratulated to all the staff, specially Estela for her good work, all of them are happy and encouraged. Next time stay longer! There's a lot to do in our beautiful city :)

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Thu 16 Jan 2014

Todos los empleados fueron de muy buena onda-- A TODO DAR! Me encantó mi estancia en HI - Guadalajara.


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Sun 05 Jan 2014

Muchas gracias por HOSPEDARTE con nosotros y por tomarte el tiempo de hacer este comentario. Me alegro mucho que recibiste un trato amigable y profesional de todo nuestro staff. Los esperamos pronto en Hospedarte Centro!!

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Tue 07 Jan 2014