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Ich kenne dieses hostel schon von mehreren Aufenthalten und war immer zufrieden


Avatar for Franziska


Mon 13 Apr 2015

Perfect location for viewing Kirkjufell mountain and close to all shops. Pleasant, friendly, and helpful staff. The staff are not always in the office as per the times listed on the reception door but there are phones in the waiting area to contact someone and they will come quickly. I have had a sore back each time I stayed here though the beds are similar to most other hostels. Good kitchen and lounge area to relax, eat, watch t.v., and talk to other guests. Recommended!


Avatar for Tom


Fri 12 Dec 2014

What a fantastic hostel! Keep in mind that there are various buildings used to lodge travelers - you check in at one building, but then you are directed to another location where you will sleep - we were down the hill, by the harbor. Our building had a great kitchen, very comfortable beds, and was well located for walking around and exploring the town.


Avatar for Christina


Wed 10 Dec 2014

Room was fine but they didn't give us any blankets. We had to turn the heat up to keep warm. The sheets cost extra too.


Avatar for Chelsea


Fri 03 Oct 2014

It was a good hostel, the girl on the reception was so friendly and helped us a lot. Despite of that, we did not had two rooms with double bed, we had one like this and the other with twin beds. It was disapointing because we payed extra expecting two rooms with double beds. The beds were not so clean, the mattress had some hairs from others guests. I guess it is because as they don't offer linens included in the price, so people doesn't pay extra and sleep like that. It was also too cold.


Avatar for Claudia


Thu 02 Oct 2014

Great hostel - we cooked our meal in the kitchen and talked about the day. My daughter loved the hostel experience and sees it has the only way to go especially in Iceland. This hostel was simple and very comfortable and close to everything. Wonderful!!


Avatar for elizabeth


Sat 27 Sep 2014