Located in Taitung City, GOOD Youth Hostel is a legally registered and officially operated in the network of Taiwan YHA in January, 2011.
It offers fantastic walking and cycling opportunities or simply the chance to relax in a beautiful remote location. Cyclists can enjoy the sun in Green Tunnel.
YH card holders only, cheapest price NT$490 per person per night! GOOD Youth Hostel provides free use of internet, microwave oven, washing machine and more kitchen facilities.
Enjoy the multiple benefits with just a few costs., Good YH hostel Introduction:
Welcome to Taitung You can also see endless ocean and mountain line
Take a rest and have a beautiful and wonderful vacation in Taitung City
Our hostel is located behind the nan wang.
train station and neer Beinan Cultural Park nearby. Modern Building High-ceilinged space, room excellent lighting and good ventilation The warm, elegant suites and spacious clean rooms has good ventilation lighting
Nearby food shop in large supermarkets and 24-hour shop, convenience best good life function
It is a great place to relax and enjoy the vast field of The islands of the Pacific greenisland
Inside the hostel ,look out from your bedroom window
And Beautiful view mountain and ocean scenery also green island.
Aiso inside Good YH hostel there are exciting works of
Art to admire.
We offer safe simple and clean living quarters at quality
Low rates.

*If you want cancel the booking you must before three days you arrive hostel.

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  • Sightseeing
  • Socialising
  • Sports & Activities
  • Volunteering

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