The Glasgow Youth Hostel is situated in the historic west end of Scotland’s largest city. This four star hostel offers great value accommodation a stone’s throw away from many of Glasgow’s main attractions making it ideal for families, independent travellers and groups.

Glasgow SYHA is located in an impressive architectural area and nowhere is this more apparent than in the grand main hallway. Old and new blend together seamlessly with ensuite rooms, a coffee shop, Internet access (including Wi-Fi) and excellent catered and self-catering options are available. The friendly staff are very welcoming and will ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.

The Glasgow Youth Hostel provides a great base to rest and recharge before getting back out into the city. Upfront and stylish, Glasgow is an exciting city with lots to offer, including a rich history, culture, friendly locals, energetic nightlife and superb shopping!

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We really enjoyed our stay. Great location near greenery but close to city. Mostly we walked in. The hostel is very comfortable and there is plenty of space. The layout could be improved as it is rather a 'rabbit warren'. The WIFi needs to be simpler too. It's difficult to I understand how to make it work.


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Wed 26 Aug 2015

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Scottish Highlands

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Wed 01 Jul 2015

Where next?

Tours par Discovery Scotland: prix intéressants, circuits excellents, guides parfaits, ambiance, souvenirs et photos garantis!

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Mon 13 Jul 2015