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A 5 stars hostel; a rare find indeed! Tops in Location, cleanliness, in-house amenities! Laia the Manager made all the difference for me - she welcomed me with her beautiful smile and made me at ease immediately! She gave me the best tips where to go, recommended fabulous eats, and day trips to Besalu and Figueres. I had the best food in Besalu at Jardin de Besalu restaurant. The other staff were very professional, friendly, and helpful as well - Marissa, Annais, and Anna. It has the Best staff!


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Tue 18 Nov 2014

It's probably the best staff ever that I've seen in HiHostel. Congratulations!


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Tue 11 Nov 2014

alarmed to discover that the 2 made beds were much later to be occupied for a few hours by handsome young men, i only found out that the room was for mixed use when a young Moroccan breezed in at midnight and left his stuff and disappeared. he was barely in the room, since he left at 6 am. I only saw the other 2 sound asleep. The room itself is such a lovely one,overlooking the square, and the ensuite is superb, it is an old chapel!


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Thu 18 Sep 2014

This was a well-located and great hostel. BUT I had booked an all female room and was actually the only woman in a mixed room. This should have been explained to me at check-in or not offered at the booking stage.


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Mon 15 Sep 2014