Yangzhou Geyuan Garden International Youth Hostel, a park adjacent to one of the four famous park and is currently a larger, well-preserved historical neighborhoods into the film - the \"double-dong\" historical neighborhood, the surrounding atmosphere lets you feel the weight of history and the distant form of Nature and fresh. Hostel offers 80 rooms, the environment quaint and stylish, sophisticated and the rough, allowing you to fully feel the salt merchants of Yangzhou and the modern era of prosperity and refinement Yangzhou produce two kinds of visual mashup, and cultural impact. Night smell a garden of bamboo the sound of distant time, when clearly, this scenario of feelings, such as exposure to mountain forests, bamboo pillow while sleeping, fresh and comfortable ... a Garden International Youth Hostel by Hostel Services, To encourage young people understand the world of nature, love to travel and make friends ... sincerely welcome your visit