Sun. Warmth. Fancy a Mediterranean lifestyle? Welcome to Freiburg! Until 1952, beautiful Freiburg was the capital of the state of Baden.

The "capital" of the Black Forest is characterised by its Gothic cathedral. In the style of Baden? Or maybe in the Austrian style? For more than 400 years, Freiburg belonged to Austria. A tour of the town will make Freiburg's exciting history come alive.

The hostel is in the eastern part of the town, in a beautiful conservation area, on the edge of the forest. We welcome wheelchair users. We offer rooms suitable for conferences, music, choir and drama rehearsals. There are plenty of cycle paths from the hostel, a children's playground, volleyball court and basketball hoops. The Freiburg Youth Hostel team is looking forward to meeting you.

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Unfortunately, this was my worst experience in a international hostel. First of all, only 1 person of their numerous staff spoke decent English, and in my six-day stay I only saw this person twice because of their rotation system. Signs and important information is only in German. Lack of control of loud groups of high schoolers. I had to complain every night because they were making noise (slamming doors and screaming) after midnight. No free Internet. There is no access everywhere.


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Wed 10 Dec 2014

This hostel is so cool! In a fantastic location (although a little out of the city, which is annoying - but super close to the forest!) and it's great that they provide lockers for free.


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Thu 12 Dec 2013